Brand Ambassadors


The foundation is privileged to count among its brand ambassadors two prominent figures: Ciccio Graziani and Andrea Lucchetta. Both are true sporting icons who share common visions of fair play, inclusion, sport as learning, and access to sports for all.

Ciccio Graziani and Andrea Lucchetta represent these values with passion and dedication. They work closely with the foundation to deliver positive and constructive messages with engaging initiatives. Throughout the year, the FILA Foundation Museum is committed to promoting a healthy and active lifestyle through unique events and special programmes for children and adults.

Among the most significant are the popular Summer Camps: a series of holiday activities designed to improve children’s sports and technical skills by putting them at the centre of the action and encouraging them to explore their potential. These summer camps are not only an opportunity to develop sports skills but also to foster personal growth through social interaction and shared learning.

Equally popular is Wonnie in giro: an invitation to all families to experience outdoor sports. Through walks and hikes around the picturesque Biella area and beyond, the FILA Foundation Museum promotes physical and mental well-being and helps families share sports together.

In this spirit of collaboration and social engagement, the FILA Foundation Museum, together with its ambassadors, continues to shape a future in which sport is a powerful medium for conveying universal values and creating meaningful connections within the community.

Join us as we celebrate the spirit of sport, inclusion, and the joy of learning together!

Our ambassadors

foto ambassador Fondazione FILA Museum - Ciccio Graziani

Francesco “Ciccio” Graziani

Ciccio Graziani is a former Italian soccer star. Known as a star forward player, he played for major teams such as Roma and Fiorentina. As part of Italy’s 1982 FIFA World Cup-winning team, Graziani scored crucial goals during the tournament. After retiring, he became a well-known television commentator in the Italian soccer scene. His passion for sports segued into initiatives for inclusion and promotion of sporting values. An icon of Italian soccer, Graziani continues to leave a lasting influence in the world of sports.

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foto ambassador Fondazione FILA Museum - Andrea Lucchetta

Andrea “Lucky” Lucchetta

Andrea Lucchetta, better known as ‘Lucky,’ is the former captain of the Italian national volleyball team during the 1980s-1990s. During his successful career, he won titles with clubs such as Panini Modena and Gonzaga Milan. He played 292 matches for the national team, winning an Olympic bronze medal, a European championship and a world championship. In addition to competitive sports, Lucchetta continues to be a positive role model, especially among young people. Spreading the message of fair play and cooperation, he continues to leave a lasting impression on the Italian sporting world.

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