We are Fondazione FILA Museum

Established in 2010 by the president of FILA Gene Yoon, the FILA Foundation Museum aims to share and preserve the history of the brand. It has been a member of Museimpresa (the Italian Association of Business Archives and Museums) since 2014. We promote business culture with a focus on fashion and industrial history and integrate new technologies to engage audiences with immersive experiences.

We are a unique institution that acts as both an archive and a museum. We work towards the preservation, research, exhibition and innovation of our valuable legacy for the general public.

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Welcome to the FILA Foundation Museum: a fascinating journey into the brand’s history. Founded in 2012, it offers a continually evolving experience, allowing visitors to explore the entire history of FILA, from its birth to the present day.

The exhibition is housed in over ten hands-on and visual rooms. Together, they narrate more than one hundred years of history. Learn about the first factories, the evolution of FILA’s iconic logo, and the clothes that were part of great sporting moments.

As part of this fascinating story, you will also discover the pivotal role played by Pierluigi Rolando, the talented designer of the FILA collections. The name behind iconic garments such as the famous Borg polo shirt, the pioneering AQUA TIME swimsuits and the renowned FILA SPORT line, Rolando left an indelible mark on the brand’s history.

Educational activities

The FILA Foundation Museum embraces an educational programme that goes beyond the mere display of objects.

The history of the brand is the starting point for engaging experiences that lead visitors to reflect on wider subjects such as sports, the evolution of fashion, the perception of images, and archival processes

Children of all ages are guided along customised journeys that place greater emphasis on the stages of learning rather than any outcomes.

Brand ambassador

Fondazione FILA Museum ambassador - Ciccio Graziani
Fondazione FILA Museum ambassador - Andrea Lucchetta

We are thrilled to introduce our ambassadors; Francesco ‘Ciccio’ Graziani and Andrea ‘Lucky’ Lucchetta

These two iconic figures embody FILA’s brand values with passion and charisma. Learn about their extraordinary stories, the victories that have shaped sports history, and their impact as brand ambassadors.

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Blog stories

In our blog, we explore not only the rich history of our brand, but also the compelling stories of the athletes who have made a mark on FILA’s history.

Each post is an exciting journey along paths of creativity, commitment and success, capturing the essence of what makes FILA a unique and unforgettable brand.

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