Francesco “Ciccio” Graziani

The FILA Museum Foundation is privileged to have as its brand ambassador a prominent figure in the sports and social scene: Ciccio Graziani. This internationally renowned former soccer player is not only an undisputed champion, but also a fervent supporter of fair play, inclusion, sport as learning, and sports accessibility for all.

The foundation’s initiatives throughout the year fully reflect these principles, with particular emphasis on involving young people. One of the most significant is the Summer Camp, a free program that travels to several Italian cities, offering children and teens the opportunity to learn and practice sports under the expert guidance of Ciccio Graziani.

2023 saw the return of the Ciccio Graziani Football Academy, a high-profile event that forges links between sports and crucial issues such as mixed abilities and social sustainability. ‘Sir’ Graziani, flanked by his son Gabriele and professionals such as Renato Copparoni and Walter Di Domenico, headed the team in several cities in central and southern Italy.

The Academy touched down on such emblematic locations as Canepina, Vignanello, San Benedetto dei Marsi, Arezzo, and Catania, offering not only high-level training sessions but also an opportunity to integrate sport with their natural and historical beauty. The project was masterfully documented by Stefano Baù, a valuable collaborator with the foundation.

Under its motto ‘Let’s meet with a smile,’ the Academy continued to show its welcoming and inclusive ethos. Athleticism is combined with team spirit, and soccer becomes a means of connecting people. Targeted training sessions alternate with games, play, and connection where a hug and a cheer are worth as much as any goal scored. Entertaining moments, such as the presence of a magician, added touches of lightheartedness and fun.

foto ambassador Fondazione FILA Museum - Ciccio Graziani


Ciccio Graziani Football Academy

The Ciccio Graziani Summer Camp is not only an opportunity to perfect football skills but also a chance to explore personal growth and learn the fundamental values of sport. Ciccio Graziani, flanked by his staff, works side by side with the young participants, passing on his experience and passion for football.

The programme, which counts on the support of local football clubs, promises to generate a significant impact. In addition to positive sporting repercussions, the event boosts local tourism thanks to interest from the national media.

The camp spans a total of four days, each one dedicated to the pursuit of a specific goal. At the end of the cycle, each participant is awarded a certificate of participation.