Over the years, the FILA Foundation Museum has forged important collaborations with partners in specific sectors, cultural fields and schools. The synergy we create goes beyond simply carrying out projects together. It extends to a common vision, a strategic analysis of creative solutions, and an alignment of skills and professionalism.

Collaborative research is a fundamental pillar. It is a driving force for the creation of innovative cultural content. Through the strategic analysis of creative solutions, we aim to shape engaging museum experiences and events that capture the public’s interest and offer a unique perspective on sport, fashion and the history of industry.

Our Partners

Digital Development


The FILA Museum Foundation counts on a valuable partnership with whom our relationship goes beyond that of simply client-supplier. For a world where markets start with conversations, IVE is a Bot agency specialising in AI-based and generative digital strategies with a focus on conversational Bots. IVE stands out for creating engaging experiences via the web or chat applications such as WhatsApp, Telegram and Messenger. IVE and the FILA Museum Foundation combine their knowledge to shape an unprecedented experience that redefines the concept of museum interaction. Thanks to this collaboration, the Foundation is evolving into a dynamic meeting point between tradition and technology. It creates new connections between its environment and users, and forges a high profile in the world of corporate museums. Important updates such as re-designing the website, the chatbot Wonnie, the implementation of conversational experiences during in-museum or outdoor events, and the use of conversational QR codes to take interaction from offline to online, create valuable connections between the Foundation, the local arena and all users.

Developments in communication


Delta Pictures is an online publisher and digital agency with over 10 years of experience. Owner of premium-ranked websites with registered press entities, Delta Pictures is a growing online publisher. As a digital agency, it has developed a wide range of digital solutions to help clients achieve marketing goals by offering customised 360° services in the digital world, including SEO, advertising, social media management, and email marketing.

Multimedia content development


Delta Video’s mission is to interpret the messages that its clients wish to communicate to their target audience with state-of-the-art and highly professional visual language and the latest technological tools. They do not aim to tell in detail every single aspect of a company, the product or concept, but instead stimulate vertical insight into its universe. They aim to create an emotional connection and use music and sound design as a ‘call to action’. In addition to corporate videos, commercials, narrative videos, event reportage, films, and corporate brand videos, Delta Videos also makes documentaries and music videos. Their slogan is ‘Communication is emotion.’

Editorial development


Beside Communications is a dynamic, international communications agency. Founded in 2010, it employs innovative methods and a ’boutique’’ approach to create added value and tailor-made services. Beside Communications designs, oversees and guides its clients’ communication needs, creating strategies aligned with an international outlook and innate ‘Italian Style’. The agency manages all actions related to the brand’s external, press and in-house communication, creative direction and executive management. It selects the most appropriate national and international media, offers a strategic consulting service for the positioning or repositioning of a brand, along with networking and outreach both inside the sector and it can manage talent acquisition to help create the brand’s image.

Local Partner


Since 1992, the Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio di Biella has supported wide-reaching development in the Biella region in the following areas: Education and Research, Art and Culture and Welfare and Territory.The Foundation’s role has grown thanks to a continued dialogue with local stakeholders and the support of Osservabiella – Osservatorio territoriale del Biellese (Biellese Territorial Observatory). Every year the Observatory publishes an extensive report on the main indicators of the Biellese area, as well as an in-depth study on specific issues Using this data, and thanks to an aligned programme of future actions during the period 2025-2028 (as stated in the Multiannual Planning Document) the Foundation plays an increasingly proactive and generative local role, increasing leverage between resources and the impact of supported projects. The Foundation is particularly active in culture, education and training thanks to the companies Palazzo Gromo Losa srl and Città Studi S.p.A. On top, an agreement was signed with the FILA Foundation Museum which enables the organisation to strengthen its intervention in the field of sport, inclusion and training with the launch and strengthening of numerous projects arising from a vision shared by the two organisations.