Andrea “Lucky” Lucchetta

The FILA Foundation Museum is thrilled to announce Andrea Lucchetta as its esteemed Ambassador. Lucchetta is a true volleyball hero who personifies the fundamental values of sport: loyalty, inclusion, sport as a tool for personal growth and, above all, the firm belief that playing sport should be within everyone’s reach.

In addition to a lustrous sporting career, Andrea Lucchetta stands out for his social commitment. Working closely with the foundation, he is actively involved in its programmes throughout the year, with a particular focus on sensitive issues such as youth gambling. In an era in which children’s unsupervised use of tablets and smartphones is increasing, the foundation and its Ambassador are working together to tackle the growing phenomenon of children at risk of gambling addiction.

The signs that indicate the possible onset of gambling addiction in children and adolescents are visible, but often overlooked. Andrea Lucchetta has created informative videos that guide parents and educators in identifying these symptoms. These valuable tools offer an informative and sensitive perspective on the problem, promoting greater awareness and prevention.

At the same time, the FILA Foundation Museum has expressed its willingness to actively collaborate in the promotion of spikeball – a didactic, fast and engaging game similar to S3 volleyball. Spikeball revolutionises the learning journey by starting with a vigorous volleyball gesture. It places the offence and defence at ‘centre court’, thus transforming it from ‘individual’ to ‘team’. With this initiative, the FILA Foundation Museum strengthens its commitment to promoting a fair-play, inclusive sport that is not only suitable for all ages but contributes to the well-being of our society.

foto ambassador Fondazione FILA Museum - Andrea Lucchetta


Open Day SPB Monteleone Trasporti

The SPB Monteleone Trasporti Open Day introduced us to an exciting world of sport that will bring many champions to Biella in the coming days.

Over the morning, Lucchetta played with young champions. In addition, Andrea shared exciting details about the Del Monte® SuperLega Supercoppa. Held in Biella on 31 October and 1 November 2023 the event brought together the four best Italian teams.