June, 2021

Evonne Goolagong
30 June 2021

Meet the designer: Pierluigi Rolando – 11

In 1877 – few years after the launch of WHITE LINE – Pierluigi Rolando was still honored for how he renewed tennis style. In his memoir the…
21 June 2021

Under the umbrella: A star player’s novel

Accurate compendium to understand Alberto Tomba – modern ski hero and top athlete in FILA’s winter sports tradition – in the best possible way, Il romanzo di…
16 June 2021

Labels: LYCRA

Thanks to its elasticity and inclination to mutate, Lycra anticipates the fluidity typical of fashion in the modern era. Such fabric has very interesting origins, starting from…
9 June 2021

Sources: to build a business archive

Of course, we feature two-dimensional presences – we have already told you about the vintage appeal of our pictures showing FILA athletes during competitions and about the…