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There is a label inside every cloth, telling different stories. This month our blog event devoted to fabrics and textile secrets behind FILA apparel leads us to discover the universe of synthetic fibers.

25 August 2021

The term Tactel derives from Latin ‘tacto’, a term that indicates the act of touching; in 1983 TACTEL is also a patented type of nylon.

Launched by industries such as DuPont, TACTEL is a mixture of cotton and polyamide fibers. To be precise, it’s a microfiber, an extremely thin filament obtained by working Polyester, Polypropylene and Polyamide. Its thickness is a little thinner than a single hair, increasing its capillarity action: such feature is fundamental to make this ‘fabric’ able to absorb water, consequently keeping the human skin dry. Such capillarity eases and accelerates the movement of water and sweat from the skin towards the fabric’s surface, enhancing its evaporating properties. It is also known that TACTEL fibers dry eight times faster than cotton; moreover, their resilience goes along with softness and lightness.

Another peculiar feature of microfibers is their being electrostatic: their ability to create a natural magnetic field limiting the proliferation of bacteria justifies, for example, the use inside hospitals and sanitary places. In a more general way, such advantage is perfect for all those who make physical efforts and sweat, encouraging a new activewear market.

But the TACTEL tradition isn’t only made of technical terms: immediately adopted for the production of gym clothes, microfibers are protagonists of fitness temples. By shaping the human body, they re-write the will to get better and improve, linking body and muscles in a perfect bond. TACTEL is only one of the ways through which FILA has revolutionized people’s lives, taking them into a dimension of sports as tools of connection.


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