IED Torino x Fondazione FILA Museum

The variety of the events that the Foundation has dedicated to creativity allowed a new collaboration with IED Torino, the Turinese advanced training institution whose programme is focused on the most recent expressions of design, fashion and communication.

5 May 2021

The project was about reimagining, along with ten groups of students, as many alternative visions of our museum. The originality and the complexities of the proposals made the choice of three final winners (and an Honorable Mention) difficult for us, but in the end we did it. We are glad to introduce you to the projects and their makers. Raffaele Armellino, Lisa Bertinotti and Federica Guerrera own the top step of the podium, with a project – simply titled MuseoFILA – that we honored for its simplicity solutions, the result of a meticulous research. Conceived as a variable, changeable space, their museum is a constellation of adjustable elements, projecting themselves towards the outside with an appeal reminding of Mondian’s Neoplasticism.

We already knew about FILA, but not about its tradition. It’s been interesting to discover it along with its heritage, it changes the perception of the values. We got excited analyzing all these aspects, our project aims to summarize them in order to display them at their best. Projecting was hard and fun at the same time: we dealt with a never-seen-before challenge. Being final winners has been extremely satisfying – it means we reached out!

The silver medal goes to Edoardo Bordin, Enrico Chiantello and Paolo Ghisio, whose Carosello project conquered us with its contemporary visual identity and its focus on the archive, that has been remodeled as a dynamic, constantly moving environment: ‘we already considered FILA one of the most interesting sportswear brands. The big research work, anyway, has revealed some aspects we didn’t know, enriching our vision in terms of vision and perception.

It’s been a honor and a pleasure to connect with FILA tradition and the opportunity to project an exhibition space, along with the museum’s identity, has been an exciting experience, that led us to a growth as designers.

In third place we have Così dolce, così abbondante, così morbido by Daniele Conato, Francesco Crotto and Joyce Mariella. An in-depth research, that starting from sweets’ peculiarities explores the physical and expressive qualities of materials, providing an immersive visit:

Our experience with Fondazione FILA Museum has been one of the most exciting of our whole school career. Conceiving a museum exhibition has been a challenge we never dealt with before, taking us all out of our comfort zone. We can affirm we’re satisfied of our final project and our third place invites us to get even better.

In the end, our Honorable Mention goes to Yuhang Dai, Luca Delogu and Luigi Ferricelli’s Impronta FILA, that turned our museum’s rooms into a Keith Haring-like kaleidoscope of forms and colors:.

Working with the Foundation has been interesting and captivating. During the initial researches we esamined various aspects of the brand and discovered the appreciation of sport great champions. This motivated us to improve ourselves and do the best we could.


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