Our blog event devoted to archives is back to shoes. After revealing how we preserve the physically, this month we’re going to focus on the processes easing their access to the digital world.

20 February 2022

Last month we explored the multifaceted universe of FILA shoes, specifically dealing with the conservation and preservation practices guaranteeing their longevity. However, our archive is atypical: in order to have an all-around idea of the life of sneakers in Fondazione FILA Museum we have to focus on some further details, especially those introducing digitalization.

It’s about a meticulous work, led by a professional figure. During the photographic sessions, each shoe is placed on a Plexiglas layer, in a neutral set; the still life shots are focused on different visions of the articulated structure of the object itself. The photographer shoots some close-ups to make the piece’s details emerge, capturing the peculiarities of fabrics, logos, decorations and embossed parts. Postproductions also pays attention to possible imperfections due to the passing of time, documenting them as fundamental elements.

Each photograph is characterized by an identifying code for the archival on both the company server and a shared portal. Most of all, all the pictures contribute to the creation of technical sheets, crucial for the development of the creative processes.

The process ends up with the drawing of the external sole, the result of a charcoal on paper tape. This is the life of shoes inside the archive of Fondazione FILA Museum: a laboratory place constantly suspended between analogic practices and tech tensions.


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