While waiting for our new social event devoted to healthcare, we’ve chatted with Doctor Stefania Intonti, who is going to become our trusted physiotherapist starting from next March.

19 February 2022

Among our goals, the need to give you accurate contents to feed your passion for sports, as well as your interest for a wider concept of wellness, is a crucial one. It’s the frame in which we’ve decided to launch a brand new column that, with the help of a physiotherapist and a nutritionist, will help us reflecting on body health in a deep way. While waiting for the official launch, we decided to introduce you to the first one, Doctor Stefania Intonti. Biella-born, just like FILA, Stefania is physiotherapist and osteopath, with a specialization in orthopedics: in her studio, recurring to techniques such as manual therapy and postural correction, she’s able to heal body issues by encouraging self-awareness.

Stefania, we know you have a special bond with FILA.

STEFANIA INTONTI: I have known FILA since the very beginning, because of my mum’s job (you can read our interview to Silvana Gaida HERE). She took part in the success of many sport disciplines, following important athletes through the years in which the brand structured its international fame. She taught me the meaning of values such as passion, perseverance and determination, and I will always be grateful for this.

How did you feel when the Foundation asked you to curate a new social column devoted to physiotherapy and healthcare?

SI: I know how important social events are for the Foundation, I feel blessed. I will give my all to build a space of information about healthcare, fitness and prevention, with a lot of anecdotes and curiosities.

What can you tell us about the contents you’re going to give our followers starting from March?

SI: March is the month in which we celebrate women, but it’s also important for fashion, if we think about events such as Milano Fashion Week! Starting from these topics, I’m going to deal with both of them from a physiotherapeutic point of view, but I still got to keep the secret…

Social media networks are a breeding ground for fake news: is it a danger that professionals like you have to face too?

SI: My own perception is that this field hasn’t been violated by this kind of news yet, perhaps because Physiotherapy, during the past decades, has gained medical recognition both from professionals and common people. We have fought so much against professional abuse, so now our attempt is to deal with informations with scientific substance.

At last, three advices as a warm up for the debut of your social column:

SI: First of all, I suggest to be curious and open-minded, in this case towards the opportunity to practice sport in a healthy, productive way. Secondly, verify: the word ‘wellness’ is so trendy nowadays, you can find anything about it on the net. Personally, I will try to catch your attention with clear tips and practical examples, that any follower will be able to use in his everyday life. Last, but not least, be critical. If any suggestions don’t resonate with you, don’t hesitate to discuss them: debate and comparison are growth for everybody, first of all for me!


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