Two specialists, a new social event, that will allow us to discuss about wellness in the widest possible way. Today’s interview is with Doctor Irene Macrì, Biologist Nutritionist.

26 February 2022

It won’t be long before our new event devoted to physical health debuts on Facebook and Instagram. Each month, with the help of two experts in the fields of physiotherapy and nutrition, we will go on a journey to discover the potentialities of the human body, that is able to wonder us with the support of a healthy, harmonious lifestyle.

One week ago, we introduced you to Doctor Stefania Intonti, our trusted physiotherapist (read the full article HERE). Today is the day of Doctor Irene Macrì, Biologist Nutritionist: born and raised near Vercelli, Irene received her BA in Biotechnology in 2018, and her MA in Sciences of food and human nutrition in 2020. Nowadays she works to give her patients the best possible service: such divulgation is also made through her Instagram account @irenutrizione and, in a very short time, through our social media channels as well!

Hi Irene, welcome to our Blog! Tell us about yourself: what led you to become a Biologist Nutritionst?

IRENE MACRÌ: Hi everyone, I’m glad to be part of the team. To be honest, becoming a Biologist Nutritionist wasn’t my primary ambition. I approached this universe between my years at high school and my BA in Biotechnology, now I’m very happy about my choice. What I appreciate the most of this job is its dynamism: each person turning to me is unique, with his or her own path.

We have desired a new social event about healthy food and nutrition advices for a long time: which are the most common mistakes and fallacies people deal with?

IM: False myths? I could talk about it forever. The most hated ones are carbs: almost everyone, when it comes to a DIY diet, tend to eliminate them completely, but this choice is vain and not good for the human body. Another common idea is that eating large amounts of specific foods gives benefits (like, for example, a lemon every morning). What’s the point in curating a single detail, when the rest is not balanced? What makes the real difference is nutrition as a whole!

Your Instagram account reveals that you don’t like being deprived of any kind of food. Which are the courses of your ideal menu?

IM: As a good Vercelli-born girl, my favorite one is risotto, because you can make it in various ways. When I cook I always try to compose unique meals, able to be good-looking as well. I often turn vegetables into juices and make it tastier through some small protein-based stuff (for example, pasta with broccoli and anchovies). Fruits and a good cup of coffee can’t be missing. On special occasions, in the end, I appreciate a dessert with dark chocolate.

Talking about nutrition also means discussing one’s perception of the self. What do you think about topics such as body shaming and body positivity?

IM: Since the day we approach society, we’re judged by the others. Our body represents us, but only partially: nobody should judge someone just for how he or she looks like. The first step is being able to accept yourself. This is body positivity to me, something that should lead us to improve not because we hate our body, but because we love it.

You particularly enjoy communicating through Tik Tok videos and reels on Instagram. Have you already chosen the FILA clothes you’re going to wear in the clips for our followers?

IM: I love warm, bright colours, so I guess I’ll wear something classic yet particular at the same time. Don’t miss my reels to discover the final result, you’re going to be amazed!


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