110: A Birthday

Behind the shrine, the world is the reflection of a dream.

15 June 2020

That’s how it all began, do you remember?

After one month, I can confirm it: sometimes it seems I’m just dreaming. And thinking back to all the encounters, the journeys and the events, everything seems too good to be true. Especially because I’m a privileged one: of course I like curling up in my shrine’s embrace, but I do not stand still. The past belong to me as much as the future.

I get out of this window indeed, careful hands make me meet new faces, coming from all over the world. They’re designers, academics, creatives. They look at me with attention, studying me. Trying to understand how to transform me. Pierluigi suggested that my destiny is to be a reference, a guiding light, a muse. Something supposed to live even out of the tennis court. How many lives am I going through, actually? Today I see myself reflected in an urban look, among tech fabrics which are so much younger than me. And tomorrow I’ll be living a more classic reinterpretation, evoking Wimbledon’s good times. Everybody looks so happy when we get together. Maybe because they realize how long my story is. Or maybe, in a much simpler way, it’s just because I’m special.

I always feel good telling my story. Because it’s a beautiful story and I’m proud of it. Take care of the past: it involves us all. Especially during these days, in which I can feel some excitement surrounding me. You know, it looks like a birthday is going to be celebrated. I have to be pretty, I think. Arrange a speech, maybe. Well, I think in that situation I’m going to have many things to say.

Let’s get ready: 110 years old are an important accomplishment.
Let’s celebrate!


Born in Biella in the foothills of the ltalian Alps, WONNIE is a ski-loving white bear. Because he is from the snow­covered Alps, he is vulnerable to hot weather, and despite his size he has timid personality so he is always blushing. WONNIE is a gentle bear with heart of gold who easily find faults with himself even with small things but never blames others.