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More than one Century of FILA

The archival collection of the Foundation spans decades: starting from a collection containing over 25,000 items, to the evolution the brand in sports fashion in recent years.

It guards the evolution of a brand that has been adapted and innovated thru historical changes. Specifically, the Fondazione FILA Museum houses: over 7,200 articles of clothing, over 17,100 shoes styles (from 1987 to 2020) and nearly 1,000 accessories including: bags, backpacks, hats, watches, wristbands, glasses, towels, and perfumes/deodorants.

This impressive heritage is preserved using special processes to avoid deterioration, a fundamental treatment to maintain every single item for the future. In addition to these objects the Foundation archives over 140,000 files (videos, photographs, drawings) with over 200,000 images and documents waiting to be digitalized.

The intention is to give designers a foundation thru an immersive experience (both physically and digitally) to be inspired: Innovation above Status Quo.

Visit Us

From Monday to Friday
9.00 am - 1.00 pm
2.00 pm - 6.00 pm

Museum has free admission,
reservetions are required.

Where we are

Via Seminari, 4/A
13900 - Biella